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For early adopters of the HP TouchPad that feel burned by the recent discounts, HP's promised $50 credit is now available to you through your webOS Account (formerly Palm Profile). While most of us were expecting an email to arrive in our inboxes with the news first, the careful sleuthing of Oscar Reynoso has found the $50 Promo Code completely active and available to applicable TouchPad owners in the webOS Account management website.

If you bought your TouchPad between July 1st and August 4th and live in the US (no word yet for those living outside of HP's homeland), go to your HP webOS Account using the link below to find your $50 promo code safely tucked away at the bottom of the page. Browse the catalog to find the apps you want, and simply paste the code into the appropriate field to have the software purchased and installed on your device, courtesy of HP. If you aren't sure what to buy just yet, have no fear, we have a whole list of apps for you to look at later today that will help you spend that $50 wisely.

Which apps will you be getting first? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: If you aren't seeing the Promo Code in your webOS Account, just hold tight. It looks like HP is rolling out the credit over the next several days to early adopters. They said that it's coming this week, though, so you can be sure that it will. PreCentral readers who have already received the credit are just ahead of the game, as HP has not yet made the update official for all qualifying profiles. Also, you can use this promo code for apps on your smartphone. It's not just limited to the TouchPad app catalog.