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HP's Rahul Sood to Gamers: Get in on the ground floor with webOS

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Jul 2010 2:56 pm EDT


We've mentioned before that the CTO of HP's gaming unit, Rahul Sood, was excited about webOS. He's not letting up and making a good point better in his personal blog by pointing out that there's a big opportunity with webOS for game developers because the market for apps is still relatively small, in terms of competition, while the potential market of devices to play those apps on has the potential to explode into something huge once HP puts its cash and marketing muscle behind the platform:

So I'm calling out to all game developers. It's time you followed the money and looked to the future. Opportunity is in scale. Web OS will have tremendous scale and reach. [...] rather than trying to stand out in a store with millions of apps in front of you, it's probably a good time to get in while the getting is good on the ground floor. Feel free to contact me personally for the right contact within Palm.

+1 Mr. Sood. We're liking the idea of getting more iPhone ports like Angry Birds, sure, but we're also liking the idea of getting some games that take advantages of the unique features in webOS even more - how about an RPG that uses multiple cards, one for each character in your party? What webOS features could a developer take advantage of in a gaming scenario?

Source: rahulsood.com; thanks to everybody who sent this in!