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HP set to expand Palm distribution through new channels

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 22 Jul 2010 9:58 am EDT


Palm's current sales woes are widely known and are universally cited as the reason the company went shopping for suitors back in February.  HP is obviously looking to remedy that issue through normal vectors such as increasing carrier sell-through and the like, but it's looking like the tech giant is going to leverage its oft-mentioned scale and broaden distribution through a couple of channels with high potential in areas where the company has a lot of influence, namely through its PartnerOne partner solutions group and its Enterprise Solutions group.

For a sense of that scale, HP currently has a $54 billion Enterprise Business, the channel relationships of which include network service providers, ISVs, system integrators and business advisory firms;  all of which will be overseen by a former high-level Sprint and Salesforce.com executive.  Palm devices are an easy sell to these groups, according to Stephen DiFranco who manages the Solution Partners Organization: "One of our competitors in the phone business does a good job selling devices in corporate environments. But they’re not coming from a channel world. Now you have a company from the channel to have a device that has a smart enough OS to shut down if the device is lost or stolen. Now you can start to go out to customers with that."

Source: ChannelWebThanks to Workerb33 for the tip!