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HP signs champion boxer Manny Pacquiao to promote TouchPad

by Derek Kessler Mon, 02 May 2011 6:11 pm EDT

HP’s a big company with many consumer-facing facets, and when it comes to bringing on people to do their commercials, they either have to go with complete unknowns that can’t be associated with another brand, or celebrities that have no already associated with other brands. Seemingly following in the footsteps of HP’s successful “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign, HP is signing advertising deals with celebrities for the upcoming campaign for the HP TouchPad, perhaps as part of their “Everybody On” campaign. One of those celebrities: ten-time world champion boxer and Filipino congressman Manny Pacquiao.

Neither HP nor Top Rank (a boxers promotions company that counts Pacquiao amongst its clients) disclosed the terms of the deal, though part of Pacquiao compensation will come in the form of HP making donations directly to charities of his choice. SportBusiness Daily reported that Pacquiao was a perfect fit for HP – up until recently his promotions work had been limited to his home country of the Philippines.

The exact details of HP’s planned campaign were also not disclosed, but it is apparently to be centered around the TouchPad webOS tablet, but will also feature other HP products such as laptops, printers, and smartphones. Additionally, Pacquiao won’t be the only celebrity involved in the campaign (though he is the only one we know of at this point). The campaign is expected to span all mediums: television, radio, print, outdoor, and beamed directly into your dreams, ala Futurama.

Pacquiao’s a cool and recognizable catch for HP, hopefully one that will add some punch to their advertising and hook some new customers for webOS (sorry about the puns, we’ll try to avoid straying below the belt from here on out). HP’s old “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign featured stars such as model Petra Nemcova, television producer Mark Burnett, and singers Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, and Gwen Stefani, along with other notables. If HP is to tread again down the celebrity ads path, who else would you like to see brought on board for this next round? (sorry)

Source: SportBusiness Daily; Thanks to akitayo for the tip!