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HP Slate consolidation rumors continue

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 15 Jul 2010 3:07 pm EDT


While the rumors of the supposed webOS-based slate code-named 'Hurricane' due in Q3 have hit a bit of a lull, HP's other slate initiatives are still very much in the news.

The latest is that HP had been planning on releasing an Android-based slate in Q4 of 2010. All Things D's John Paczkowski is reporting that project 'has been delays and won't ship before the end of the year as planned.' Whether that 'delay' actually means HP is giving serious thought to only creating webOS-based slates is an open question, but even a gigantic company like HP can't be everything to everybody, so a little focus could really help.

Meanwhile, at MobileBeat 2010, HP's CTO Phil McKinney was careful to note that while he's excited about the possibilities of a webOS slate, he wasn't saying anything about the HP Slate, which was to be based on Windows 7 and has been put in a memory hole for all intents and purposes.

Source: All Things D via Android Central; thanks to everybody who sent this in!