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HP starting TouchPad marketing early, to be featured in Grammys

by Derek Kessler Sat, 12 Feb 2011 3:18 pm EST

HP said that they’d be going all-out marketing this next generation of webOS devices, and they’re not waiting to get started. The first ads will come this Sunday, February 13th, (8PM Eastern and Pacific, to be specific) and will be broadcast to a big audience: everybody watching the 53rd Grammy Awards. HP’s going to be doing it two ways during the Grammys. First will be part of their Everybody On campaign, featuring 13-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys and HP notebooks with Beats Audio. The part that has our interest, however, is how HP intends to use their new HP TouchPad: the tablet is going to be featured in on-air “what’s coming up next” bumpers leading into commercial breaks.

The TouchPad isn’t planned for availability until sometime this summer, so we’re a little confused by the starting of marketing now. We obviously want to make sure the TouchPad stays in the minds of potential customers, but if this is the start of a concentrated advertizing assault over the next four to seven months, those potential consumers could end up confused, frustrated, or downright disillusioned with the lack of availability. Then again, HP could just be planting a seed with the Grammys, with watering planed for summer availability.

Source: HP