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HP Strategy and Technology Chief discusses direction, highlights Palm in cloud strategy

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 09 Jun 2010 4:23 pm EDT

Shane Robinson, HP CTO As HP’s acquisition of Palm grows closer, the role of Palm and its products (both smartphones and webOS) is a topic of interest for investors and customers alike. In an interview with Bob Evans of InformationWeek, Shane Robison, HP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, provided some additional details as to where HP is headed, and how Palm fits in the plan.

HP’s strategy focuses on five key points:

1) The inevitability of the cloud as a compelling enterprise IT model;
2) The rise of mobility as the dominant computing platform;
3) The momentous shift from IT as productivity agent to communications & collaboration optimizer;
4) The stunningly steep increase in the volume of information that's being produced—and the fact that we're only in the early stages of that surge; and
5) The power of analytics to help organizations seize competitive advantage by being able to exploit the power of that information explosion.

To reflect these points, the company is putting together a set of unified products and services to cover the entire range of IT infrastructure. According to the article, HP intends to leverage webOS as a tool for keeping their business customers connected, in conjunction with new "analytical tools that will enable on-the-go workers to manipulate and comprehend and base decisions on those huge sets of data and information."

Robison himself states,

"'If you look at where we're going with the Palm thing—and actually it ties back to some of the things we've done with 3Com and getting the rest of that network built out so that we can have that free flow of information—it's all consistent….Then our announcement today on the web-connected printing stuff—same thing: it's all gonna be connected. Now, the interesting opportunity for us is—especially with all the work we've done with touch and in new user interfaces—we can make a much more consistent and intuitive experience for people across a wide, wide range of products.'"

Unlike the controversial remarks (subsequently clarified) by HP CEO Mark Hurd last week, the InformationWeek piece affirms that HP envisions Palm’s hardware as well as software playing a role in the company’s strategy. Good news for the Palm hardware group, as well as for users hoping for continuing (and rapid) webOS smartphone development.

Source: InformationWeek