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HP's TouchPad satisfaction survey for everybody

by Derek Kessler Thu, 17 Nov 2011 6:46 pm EST

We posted yesterday about a how HP had sent to select random TouchPad owners a survey about their thoughts on the device and what they’d like to see out of future tablet devices. By select, we mean select – maybe a few dozen from our half-a-million-strong userbase report having received the poll. So we decided (at your urging) to take the survey and make it available to everybody.

After the break you’ll find the survey in just about it’s entirety. There are a few things we couldn’t replicate, but it’s everything that’s truly important. We can't make the survey results public as you go, but rest assured that should HP want the results, they can have them. And yes, HP, that’s a subtle hint that you should be more open in communicating with your customer base and should definitely be interested in the results we get (so much for subtle). These are your most ardent fans, after all. Regular customers are good, but you've got to take the fans into consideration too.

So, fans, head on after the break to offer your honest thoughts – we know you want to.