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HP TouchPad webOS Doctor version 3.0 is now available

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 01 Jul 2011 2:13 pm EDT

On Day 1 of the HP TouchPad's life, the webOS Doctor that has saved so many of our smartphones in the past has been pushed through and is officially available at your Palm Profile page. This webOS Doctor works in the same way and is just as easy to use as past webOS Doctors have been, though it does seem a bit faster). If you run into problems with your TouchPad through all of the rigorous testing you'll be giving it today, or if you get into patching your device using homebrew methods, you may need from time to time to do a doctor and clean up the device on the OS level.

We recommend downloading the doctor from the start and having it handy on your computer somewhere, just in case you ever need it. You can also find the webOS Doctor through the WebOS Internals website (if you don't want to go to your Palm Profile), at this page.

Source: webOS Internals; Via: Jason Robitaille (Twitter)