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HP TouchPad will launch with its own Facebook app built by HP

by Chris Parsons Mon, 27 Jun 2011 10:14 pm EDT

By now, you've no doubt read the rumors of the Facebook tablet application launching first on the iPad. As it turns out, that's seemingly all they were -- rumors. While it was actually HP, and not Facebook, building this app, some new leaked images have now popped up which clearly shows the first official Facebook app running on the soon-to-be released HP TouchPad. Judging from a first-looks perspective, it looks pretty darn good right now.

All of the features you would expect appear to be in place within the app. Newsfeed, Messages, Events, Places, Friends, and Photos -- all there and nicely laid out for easy viewing. We can't really speak to how well it functions without first going hands-on, but needless to say we're excited to see it. You can skip on past the break for more images.

*Update* TechCrunch has confirmed with Facebook that HP in fact built this app, not Facebook. Also, we can't forget the BlackBerry PlayBook already has a Facebook app as well designed for tablets. It was in fact made with the help of Adobe and Facebook.


Source: Techcrunch