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HP putting webOS on the front lines of the malaria battle in Botswana

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 07 Jun 2011 7:02 pm EDT

In Botswana there is a new weapon that is being used to control malaria outbreaks and aide health care workers. Many of you are already using this "weapon" in your day-to-day lives at work, at home and at play. But while we're doing that, the people of this African country are using a number of Palm Pre 2's to track and detail malaria cases before it is too late to alert workers in specific regions about an outbreak (which they now do via text messages).

As the program has already been running with HP's and PiNG's (Positive Innovation for the Next Generation) assistance for the last three months (and will continue for another nine), the Ministry of Health in the country is finding it extremely handy to be able to alert their workers within a few hours of an outbreak of malaria. The program works by equipping healthcare workers in different regions with smartphones (Palm Pre 2) and access to the cloud. As they encounter cases of malaria, they can access a database on the cloud and send details about the outbreak, including pictures, notes, and map coordinates. 

The results have been so great that they are even beginning to look at the possibility of adding other diseases to their program, one at a time. Some of their officials envision the day when every health care worker in the country carries a Palm Pre 2 at all times, to give them access to the apps and cloud-based health databases whenever needed. 

HP and PiNG don't plan on stopping with Botswana, though, and other countries/diseases could be added to the program in the future as more success stories are birthed from the initiative. With polio sitting next on Botswana's hit-list of diseases to battle, and with their average person carrying at least one cell phone already, Botswana could be a place of innovation and cloud-based healthcare advancements that are pushed throughout the rest of the world. And webOS is right there at the helm to lead the way.

Source: PiNG Via: FastCompany