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HP webOS Central provides training for the unwashed carrier store masses

by Derek Kessler Thu, 13 Jan 2011 11:01 pm EST

Carrier store education was one of the biggest problems facing Palm. As we’ve said before, they faced the TiVo problem: what makes the Pre better than an iPhone or Android smartphone is difficult to sum up quickly. HP has seen the problem, and put together the new HP webOS Central training portal to fix it.

The site, meant for carrier store salespersons, includes a series of webOS 10X training videos. It starts with the obligatory webOS 101 (an introduction to Palm devices and what makes webOS, well, webOS) complete with extra heavy hints about a future webOS product ecosystem where smartphone, tablet (or slate, as HP seems to prefer), and netbook all run webOS and share information as a “friendly little product family.

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webOS 105, however, is the important one. It shows the salesperson how to demonstrate webOS to a customer. It shows off Just Type with quick actions and custom search engines. Though we can’t help but imagine there’s a lot missing, but then again, you want to keep the message focused and simple, which HP has succeeded in doing here.

HP webOS Central also has several one-sheet explainers to quickly sum up what Synergy, Just Type, “true multitasking,” and what’s new with webOS 2.0, as well as product cards for the Pre, Pixi, and Plus variants (but none for the as-of-yet-not-available-in-US-carrier-stores Pre 2).

As an incentive, trainees can accumulate points and redeem them for Palm and HP products. A Touchstone or car charger will run you 2,000 points, a Pre Plus runs for 15,000 points, while an HP Mini 210 netbook will cost you 18,000 points. And if tech doesn’t suit them, points can be redeemed for movie tickets and gift cards from Starbucks and HP. Trainees get points just for daily log-ins to the site and watching training videos, as well as pass quizzes and referring coworkers.

It’s good to see HP taking carrier training seriously. We have a pretty insulated view of the smartphone world from our perch in PreCentral HQ; it’s easy to forget that most in the US view the smartphone world as iPhone/Droid/BlackBerry, and they rely on the carrier store salesperson to educate them.

Source: HP webOS Central; Thanks to Chris for the tip!