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HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Nov 2010 4:46 pm EST

HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

PreCentral is there live, bringing you coverage of all the happenings at HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010.

HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

webOS Developer Day - Saturday's video roundup

The second day's videos from webOS Developer Day, a dozen in all.

Enyo framework preview

Preview: Enyo app framework for webOS

Super-easy, super-clean, and super-fast app building in your browser? Yup, that's Enyo.

Enyo framework preview

Palm Developer Day Enyo Liveblog

We get our first look at the new Enyo application framework, with its faster performance and scalability.

Exhibition webOS Exhibition Mode Preview

Palm previews Exhbition mode, showing off a Touchstone-triggered agenda calendar, Facebook, photos, and more.

Palm Pre 2 Palm Pre 2 Hands-On!

Dieter goes hands-on with the unlocked Palm Pre 2, takes some pictures, and gives his impressions of the actual production hardware (unlike the pre-production webOS 2.0 review unit).

HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

webOS Developer Day - Friday's video roundup

Check out the first day’s worth of presentations from Developer Day NYC 2010.

Pre 2 hacked onto Sprint Palm Pre 2 hacked onto Sprint

Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals hacks together an unlocked Pre 2 and a Sprint Pre to make a FrankenPre with the Pre 2’s guts and a Sprint radio. This isn’t a try it at home exercise, kids.

App Catalog webOS App Catalog to get Carrier Billing, Promo Codes in Early 2011

The App Catalog is getting more than just a facelift: Palm will be implementing the option for carrier billion for app purchases, money promos (e.g. App Catalog gift cards), and developers can even create links for sales/giveaways of their apps. 

Enyo framework preview Palm has next-gen devices, next-gen app frameworks in store for "early 2011"

Palm’s got plans for tablets, new smartphones, other form factors, and a new app framework called Enyo that will replace the current Mojo HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript development kit. 

HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

Palm Developer Day Keynote Liveblog!

Dieter and Adam blog it live from the Developer Day keynote, featuring Ben Galbraith. Dion Almaer, Phil McKinney, and Joe Hayashi.

Preware 2.0 presentation Preware 2.0 roadmap detailed at webOS Dev Day

Coming in version 2.0 of the on-device homebrew installer: background feed syncs, instant on, reviews, ratings, and more.

Jonathan Ezor at Developer Day Developer Day: Professor Ezor presents "Copyright Law for Developers"

Jonathan takes the stage to give developers and developers-to-be a quick lesson about copyright law and application development.

Josh Mariaccini webOS 2.0 will be released to "all devices" in coming months

Palm confirms that, yes, webOS 2.0 will be coming to all Pre and Pixi devices in “the coming months,” along with Exhibition in a future over-the-air update 

HP webOS Developer Day NYC 2010

We're live at HP webOS developer day(s)!

PreCentral’s hitting it live from New York City!