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Want to know what is going on this month in the world of webOS events? The month of April is a bit of a slow one after all of the activity that has been going on recently, but there are a few events that might interest you guys as we explore the path that HP is trying to lead us down. After the break, check out what's going dow in April.

webOS Enthusiasts Meetup

April 9th in Denver, Colorado

Denver, CO has become a bit of a hot-spot for mobile device enthusiasts, and webOS users are getting in on the action as well. Together with Twitter users @Pound_webOS and @Blaize19, Nathan Beach (@nkbme) has organized a meetup for webOS fans in the Denver area at the Wynkoop Micro-Brewery at 1PM on Saturday (April 9th). Don't know about you, but whenever you mention a meeting at a brewery, we get a bit excited. Mix that with webOS fans, and you have a good thing. Get in touch with Nathan in the comments below (or on Twitter) to find out more details.

Breaking Development Conference (Speaker: Ben Combee)

April 11th-12th in Dallas, Texas

Ben Combee will be speaking at the Breaking Development Conference on the 12th of April (the second day of the event) about the opportunities for mobile development that are coming with the new Enyo framework for the HP TouchPad due to be released this summer. Registration cost is $1195 (a bit pricey for some of us), and most of the people at the conference will be business owners and dedicated developers looking for an edge on the competition. They'll definitely find it there.

Mobile Monday Colorado: splick-it

April 11th in Boulder, Colorado

Mobile Monday Colorado is a monthly initiative run by Jason Stout and other mobile tech enthusiasts that meets in the ATLAS Institute in Boulder, CO (just North of Denver). This month they'll be listening to Founder of the splick-it app to hear how they provide a unique service to their users (allowing them to make orders for food/coffee from their mobile device at nearby restaurants). While the app itself may not be built for webOS (yet), Mobile Monday's event could be a great place to get some inspiration and meet like-minded tech enthusiasts in the area. And since they have a history of having Palm employees there to present, we may very well see more from HP in the future. Registration is free, and the event starts at 6:00 PM.

Paris webOS Developers Meetup

April 11th in Paris, France

French mobile developers are invited to get together to talk development of webOS apps and the use of multi-platform tools like PhoneGap. The meetup will take place at ProcessOne's Paris office at 7:00 PM.

Mobile App Development Training with PhoneGap

April 14th in Vancouver, Canada

PhoneGap is the type of tool that mobile developers for every platform can really get into. Build an app in PhoneGap, and you can potentially launch that app into every compatible App Catalog for mobile devices, including Palm's. They are holding another training day for their platform in Vancouver, Canada on April 14th for only $99, which isn't a brad price when you consider how many different platforms you can launch to. Just, you know, show a little love to webOS while you're doing it.

webOS CONNECT Mainz, Germany

April 16th in Mainz, Germany

The webOS CONNECT crew gave us a good start at their introductory London Event on March 30th (just a week ago), and now they are spreading their influence to Germany with a small, private event that will be held for just 15 developers in the Mainz area. Exact information about location, topics of discussion, etc. are not yet known, because they haven't been disclosed publicly by the organizers, but you can find out more details here if you are interested, or read their discussion here (if you can understand the language).

Know of any other events that the PreCentral community should know about? Send us an email (via our tips page) and we'll get it added!