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HP webOS Events for May 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 01 May 2011 10:43 pm EDT

While HP gets ready for the next devices to be released, more people are getting ready for more events that will be hosted in major cities around the world. We've compiled a list of events for this month of May that we think matter most to you. After the break get the latest details that are coming up for meetups, events, and dev conferences this month. We'll keep updating this list as the month goes on, though, so check back often to see what else might be coming up.

WebOS CONNECT in Paris and Berlin

May 25th in Paris, France and May 27th in Berlin, Germany

UPDATE: We now have the details we've been waiting for!

If you thought that the last webOS CONNECT event in London (and the smaller one in Mainz, Germany) were great last month, and you are going to be in either Paris, France or Berlin, Germany in May, you should keep your eyes on the details that will be sent out from HP soon about the next iteration of CONNECT


May 2nd-3rd in Portland, Oregon

JSConf US in Portland, Oregon is one of the biggest Javascript-focused conferences in the North-Western United States for the month of May, and quite a lot of people are going to be there. Since you use Javascript to develop many of the applications in webOS, the conference could be a great introduction to what is possible in mobile platforms, so we recommend checking it out.

Node.Conf 2011

May 5th in Portland, Oregon

Even though the event is already completely sold out already, you may be interested in checking out their website and watching for updates of future events, as well as media from the conference that will be kicking-off just two days after JSConf in Portland, Oregon. 

Web Directions Unplugged and HTML 5

May 12th-13th in Seattle, Washington

The Web Directions UNPLUGGED conference is just around the corner from those conferences coming earlier in the month in Portland, Oregon, both physically and on the calendar. Dave Balmer of the webOS Dev Relations team will be there talking about HTML5 Graphics and webOS, but there will definitely be a lot of other presentations there that will talk about building native apps for mobile platforms using HTML 5. Looks to us like it will be a must-attend for webOS developers, both veterans and noobs.

DocuSign ESIGN Hackathon

May 14th-15th in San Francisco, California

Right in the backyard of Palm HQ in San Francisco, DocuSign is going to be giving away $25,000 in total cash prizes to the best apps that come out of their development hackathon on May 14th and 15th. Details are at their website, and we would love to see webOS developers show up there and represent our fighting community to take home that Grand Prize of $10,000 for the Most Innovative App. Think you guys can handle it?

Mobile Monday Colorado: splick-it

May 16th in Boulder, Colorado

Mobile Monday Colorado is a monthly initiative run by Jason Stout and other mobile tech enthusiasts that meets in the ATLAS Institute in Boulder, CO (just North of Denver). This month they'll be talking with the guys from WebTrends and looking to find the answer to questions about being efficient and profitable with mobile development efforts. Mobile Monday's event could be a great place to get some inspiration and meet like-minded tech enthusiasts in the area. And since they have a history of having Palm employees there to present, we may very well see more from HP in the future. Registration is free, and the event starts at 6:00 PM.

Know of any other events that the PreCentral community should know about? Send us an email or post it on our webOS Events Forums and we'll get it added!