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HP wraps a New York subway car with the Veer and Lady Gaga

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 May 2011 8:17 pm EDT

It’s part promotion for Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Born This Way, part ramping up HP’s all-encompassing “Everybody On”, and part stealth advertising for the HP Veer. It’s the fine art of subway wrapping, and HP’s taking on New York City’s subways with sheets of black vinyl. Snapped by PreCentral reader cderekg72, the wrap job pulls together Ms. Gaga, the Veer, and the Everybody On tagline, but it’s that bright red seat wrap that really gets the attention – alas, it’s for Gaga’s album. In fact, details on the Veer are pretty nonexistent in this ad: the Veer is there, on the door, and it’s not really saying much of anything.

Lady Gaga’s association with HP and the Veer could potentially be a good thing (just as we believe Manny Pacquiao will serve as a good association). The singer is one of the most powerful pop sensations on the planet right now, and has proven to be extremely adept at social marketing. In fact, she just passed ten million followers on Twitter and has also coupled up with Facebook gaming time sink Farmville to preview tracks from her new album. Gaga has also partnered with Best Buy, who will be giving away copies of Born This Way with any mobile phone purchased between May 22 and May 28. The 22nd is also the day the AT&T Veer is scheduled for availability in Best Buy stores. Coincidence, or clever marketing engineering by HP, Lady Gaga, and the Illuminati behind Farmville?

Update: As TeckieGirl40 has pointed out in the comments of this very blog post, Lady Gaga giving the Veer some unintentional love on her own 10-million-strong Twitter account. Sure, her idea was to show off the multi-faceted campaign she's waging for Born This Way, but we can't help but smile that the Veer made it into the collage. Now all we need is for her to get snapped in public with a Veer. HP, go slip one into her purse or meat dress or something.