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Hulu finally blocks TouchPad owners from watching videos

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 24 Aug 2011 8:06 pm EDT

TouchPad owners: watching your favorite TV shows on Hulu has been one of those great features that we've loved since the very beginning of the device's life. Until today. Sadly, now that HP has decided to pull the plug on the TouchPad, so has our favorite movie/television streaming service. If you go to Hulu right now on your TouchPad and click the play button on any video, you'll see the error message above. It looks like the TouchPad fire sale of the past week has done more than just bring a lot of new users to the platform, it's also brought enough attention that Hulu has decided to finally block the device from accessing its video streaming service. It's a sad day, indeed.

Don't let the news get you down, though. With the TouchPad's full web-browsing capabilities and support for flash, you can get your movie fix through services like YouTube Movies, Walmart VUDU, HP Movie Store and a plethora of other movie and television streaming networks out there on the web. If you absolutely need your Hulu fix on a tablet, though, you only have two options right now: the iPad (which has its own app) or the Vizio 8 with Android. Is it possible that Hulu will unblock the TouchPad in the future? Sure. Anything is possible.

Is it likely? Not in the least. So fire up that big hulking computer in the office now - it'll probably be your best bet for streaming your favorite TV show for some time to come.

Source: Hulu; Via: This Is My Next