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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:53 pm EST
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ICD-9 for webOS has a built-in Internal database (updated Oct 1, 2010) for you to perform queries. This is the default page and you can select the item by scrolling through the list and tapping on your choice. ** You can search for diagnosis or ICD code simply by typing to filter ** The search result displays the Name and ICD-9 code. At the bottom you can optionally search the SearchICD9.com database for ICD code verification or further refinement of your search.
There is an optional online search page is (easily accessible via a Command button) to help you locate ICD-9 information using freely available online resources (please note an Internet connection is required in order to use online search). You simply use the free text search box and hit the Search button. You can use the drop down List selector to choose either the SearchICD9.com database (S-ICD9) or the ICD-9-CM databases from Chrisendres.com. The search results are now presented in an internal card view rather than external browser and the data is presented in a mobile friendly format. Purchase of this app in the App Catalog helps support our efforts in bringing you more Medical WebOS apps.

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