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by Dick99999 Sat, 27 Mar 2010 9:22 am EDT
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Saving money and 'ease of call' are the objectives of iDialPlan SMSi. International phone calls and texting SMS messages are the focus for that. For example, still paying high rates for mobile calls towards international contacts abroad? Or paying 50 cents or more for texting an international SMS from abroad? Tired of changing phone numbers such as 020 555 7878 into international format such as +3120 555 7878, when calling from abroad? It looks like iDialPlan SMSi is tailor made for you.

  • Support for inexpensive international mobile calls through your Service Provider using their land line local access numbers(call trough or calling card based).
  • An SMSi client, SMS over Internet, for texting to any phone at rates as low as 3-5 cent (Nov'10) also for SMS from abroad using your SMSi service provider.
  • On the fly number adjustment, setup by an easy to use, yet flexible 'your homeland & country to visit' based wizard.
  • Service Providers of choice can be setup by the user both for call through and for SMSi. Two sample providers are preloaded, but no endorsements of any type here! Call back is not supported and SMSi services must be based on 'HTTP-get'
  • Mostly unique features include: integration option with the Pre standard dialer and your contacts list, group texting, SMS to email archiving, preset message templates, long message tailoring, char set translation, support for your provider.

When using iDialPan, contact numbers need no manual adjustment, your listed contact numbers are automatically adjusted on the fly during call time. And on the fly adjustments depend on where you are: home, abroad and/ or using a call through or SMSi service provider.

iDP exists of an App (this one) that can be used stand alone or for trying and must be used for SMSi. There is also an optional patch to integrate iDP on the fly adjustment in the standard Pre phone dialer. It is available at the official iDialPlan forum.

Though developed for the GSM model Pre, iDP can be used on the CDMA model too. The SMSi client should work and for phone calls one could for example add 'hide my number' or similar prefixes like #xx* on the fly during call time.The CDMA Pre already has an international dialing option under phone preference, the GSM model does not. And, should that CDMA capability be patched for usage on the GSM model, that international capability cannot cope with the many situations GSM countries require.

Number Adjustment Features

  • On the fly adjustment of a Contact phone number so it is dialed OK from abroad, i.e change 020 555 6767 into +31 20 555 6767. The listing in Contacts is not changed.
  • SMSi (SMS over Internet to any phone) number adjustment. Most providers require international format, but vary in using 00/011 or +.
  • Automatic on-the fly support for call through Service Providers such as Voipbuster or calling cards access numbers for calls to abroad, i.e. +31 (0)20 555 2323 will be changed into 030 3119 0303 pp 0031 20 555 2323. The local access number, post & prefixes and pauses are automatically inserted at the right place when dialing an international Contact.
  • Other (non-international) adjustments of contact phone numbers during call time supported, i.e. a landline listing number without an area code like 555 8989 is automatically changed into 020 555 8989 . (Or to the international equivalent when calling form abroad to home.
  • Comment stripping from contacts listings: all character behind a slash are considered comment: for example when having comment about extensions in Contact such as "020 555 7878 / 1212 is office manager"
  • The dial plan wizard's adjustments are fully programmable by the user,should that be needed. The programming is done by an optimized dialplan language PhRE (c) supported in the App.
  • Support for countries that do not have area codes and/or do not require national access ("0") or require the national access "zero" to be part of international numbers (Italy).
  • Optional (recommended) integration of the dialplan in the Pre standard dialer by a separate patch.

The latest iDP patch (0.9.0) is webOS 1.4.5 and 1.4.1 compatible. Earlier versions of the IDP patch and App cannot be mixed. (0.9.y needs 0.9.x, x and y don't matter). Patch version 0.9 is also compatible with App version 1.0.x. See the official iDP thread if patch v 0.9 is not yet available through Preware or webOS Quick Install.

Just drop the patch and the App on Quick Install or use Preware. Then boot the Pre and iDialplan SMSi is installed. Follow the quick setup help for setting up dialplans. Preferences set by earlier versions will be reset in this beta version. However,there is some help available to restore user setting manually by using the option to save the old settings in an email.

This free lite version of iDialPlan SMSi limits the choice of dial plans to one and only allows texting 2 SMS txt a day. More restriction may apply in future.

Version 1.0 solves some bugs and makes the web-based quick setup and help accessible.

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Light version is free, gold version in Palm catalog as of nov 11, 2010

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