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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:54 pm EST
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- - Running on WebOS 2.0.1 & 1.4.x
Saving_money_and _ease of call are the objectives of iDialPlan SMSi Gold. The focus is on international phone calls and texting SMS messages. For_example_still_paying high rates for mobile calls TOWARDS international contacts abroad? Or paying 50 cents or more for texting an international SMS? Paying for two messages when using certain foreign characters? Tired_of_changing_phone_numbers such as 020 555 7878 into international format when calling FROM abroad? It looks like iDialPlan SMS- Gold is tailor made for you: **_Support_for_inexpensive_international mobile calls through YOUR local Service Provider using their local access numbers. **_An_SMSi_client, SMS over Internet for texting to any phone at your low rates. SMSi_Service_Providers_charge as little as 3-5 cents per SMS text (Jan '11), also for international texting FROM abroad and also for sending SMS texts TOWARDS international contacts (may need WiFi). **_Often_unique_features_include: integration option with the Pre standard dialer and your contacts list, group texting, SMS to email archiving, preset message templates, long message tailoring, flexible char set translation, support for your provider. **_On_the_fly_number_adjustment, setup by an easy to use, yet flexible wizard. And adjustments depend on where you are: home, abroad and/ or using a call through provider. **_Service_Providers of choice can be setup by the user both for call through and for SMSi. Sample providers like Voipbuster are preloaded, but no endorsements of any type here! **_A_free_lite_version (check webOS version availability!) of iDialPlan SMSi limits the choice of dial plans to one and only allows texting 2 SMS txt a day. More restriction in future. **_For_version_info_changes_see

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