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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 30 Dec 2010 3:24 am EST
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Early Summer Sale until TouchPad compatible version appears!

ImageWorker is the first 100% local image processing on WebOS. It doesn’t depend on data connection coverage, it’s fast and saves you bandwidth and therefore money.


* Zoom, Resize and Crop
* Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and AutoLevels
* Project -> Save As, Print and YFrog upload
* Color -> B&W, Sepia and Vintage
* Soft -> Blur, Sharp and Edge
* Resize -> 640, 800, 1200 pixel width
* Rotation
* flip horizontal and vertical
* Crop (mark region first)
* Red Eye removal (mark region first)
* Pixelation
* Blacken out areas
* Image stamp
* Community functions (share image directly after saving or yfrog upload)
* Support for Facebook App, Twee, Bad Kitty, Spaz, Email and Message App

Load your photo, resize it to the necessary size, apply any enhancement you want (use back-swipe to undo the last step) and save it, print it or share it on yfrog (needs a free registration).

* faster selection
* fixed color channels with PNG
* better sepia

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