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Entering PIN/Password at Lock Screen

by Adam Marks Thu, 09 Jun 2011 2:00 pm EDT

Setting a PIN or Password is a great way to restrict access to your device and is extremely easy to do in the "Screen & Lock" app, even setting how often the password is needed (from every time you turn on the screen to every 30 minutes). However, there are two factors that determine how many opportunities you have to enter in the password without additional safeguards being put into place: if this is the first unlock after a device reboot and your webOS version.

In addition, if you have a Corporate Exchange account loaded on your device, your IT department can set their own policies around password requirements and potential remifications of incorrect entries (thanks to bemjb in the comments for this info)

webOS 1.x

  • Regardless if it's after a reboot or not, you have 4 tries to enter your PIN/Password. After 4 tries, the phone will lock up an not accept any more attempts for a short period of time. After 10-15 seconds, you can try again for four more times.

webOS 2.x

  • Immediately after a reboot, you only have 3 tries to enter your PIN/Password. If a correct PIN/Password is not entered, your phone will be wiped clean (see screenshot above)
  • Once the phone has been unlocked after a reboot, there are actually no restrictions. You have an infinite number of tries to gain access to your device.


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