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Install patch to allow email deletion from dashboard notification

by Adam Marks Mon, 04 Feb 2013 10:22 pm EST

This tip is only for webOS phones only

Delete from notificaitonIf you receive and delete a lot of email, chances are that you are pretty familiar with the process of receiving a new email notification in your dashboard, tapping on it to launch the email app and swiping those emails off the screen to delete them. Or, you simply dismiss the notification and then go back to the email app later to delete it. This process can be a bit tedious, especially if you want to delete emails in large volumes, or may be a bit frustrating if you get multiple emails at once since you can only ever see the most recent one in the dashboard (this was rectified on the TouchPad where you can triage through your emails, but sadly never made it to webOS 1.x or 2.x).

If you are comfortable with installing patches through Preware or webOS Quick Install, one solution you may want to consider is installing the Delete From Notification patch (for webOS 1.x) or the Delete Email from Dashboard patch (for webOS 2.x). These patches will add a trash icon on the right side of your email dashboard notifications that will allow you to send your email directly to your Trash folder (or whatever default folder you have set as your trash). One of the great aspects of this patch is that once you delete your most recent email from the dashboard, the notification will remain with the next email visible. While this is not a perfect substitute for the TouchPad's ability to dismiss individual email notifications, this will still allow you to get rid of much of your unwanted emails without having to interrupt your current workflow.

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