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Installing and setting up the Facebook Beta app

by Adam Marks Mon, 30 Aug 2010 2:20 pm EDT

Welcome to Facebook Week at PreCentral's Tip of the Day. We will be taking a look at the Facebook app on webOS and showing off some of the features of the app and providing a few tips on using it. While the official Facebook App will have many of the features we discuss, we will actually be focusing on the more feature-rich Facebook Beta App. Continue reading after the break to learn all about today's tip on installing and setting up the app. 


  1. Go to this link from your phone to load up the Facebook Beta app page.  You will notice that this a little different (it has a green background!) than your normal App Catalog page because this is from the Beta Apps feed, not the official App Catalog feed.  Click on the "Download for free" button on the bottom of the screen to install the app.  Note that if you click this link from a PC, it will take you to a description page that will give you an option to send an SMS to your phone with the app link
  2. Upon loading up the app, enter your Facebook login information. If you already have the official Facebook app installed or have added any Facebook accounts (Contact, Calendar), you may not be prompted for this
  3. You will initially be taken your News Feed. The first thing you will want to do is swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to being down the Facebook application drop-down menu and select "Preferences & Accounts"
  4. This will be where you set your app preferences:
    • Facebook Beta Prefs Show Comments in Feed - Selecting "On" will do exactly what it says: it will show any comments on posts directly in the news feed! If you select "Off", you will need to click on the icon in your news feed to see any comments.
    • Notifications - This refers to the webOS Dashboard notifications, not the Facebook notifications. So if you want the app to alert you with a dashboard notifications if you have any Facebook-related updates, select "On" and then select how often you want the app to check for updates
  1. Once done, back-swipe to go back to your news feed

Now that you have installed the app and it's all set up, stay tuned all week to learn all about what this app can do

Note: All details are based on the Facebook Beta app, version 1.2.32

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