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Installing Homebrew Apps: Desktop Drag 'n Drop, On-Device too!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 14 Oct 2009 4:50 pm EDT

Big Big news today: there are now two new ways to install homebrew apps on your Palm Pre!

First up, the aptly-named "WebOS Quick Install" from our very own Jason Robitaille.  It's a simple desktop Java-based app that you can download and install on a Mac, PC or Linux machine. First, install the webOS SDK (Update, version 1.1 has just been released and it uses the Recovery ROM - take a quick look at the notes on the linked post), then you just need to put your Pre into Developer Mode and then run the app on your desktop (Mac users note the small caveat in the readme file).  You can drag and drop files downloaded from our Homebrew Apps forum into the app, click install, and you. are. done.

Also new: Brian Jost, better known to us as PreGame, has created an on-device file download and ipk install tool!  It's called "fileCoaster"and it works pretty well.  All you need to do here is browse to the Homebrew App Forums on your Pre. If you're logged in, there will be a text field box next to every .ipk attachment - just tap that, copy it, and paste it into this app.  Voila - you are downloading and installing homebrew applications without needing the desktop.  It works on both the full forums and the mobile version.

Oh, and did we mention that it will download files as well?  It does.  You just need to punch in the URL of the file and it should download itself into your downloads directly.  So far we've tried it with images and MP3 files and it's working fine.

We have even more big changes coming in the Homebrew scene very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, seems like it would be an awfully good idea to download the WebOS Quick Install app and use it to install fileCoaster.

Yesterday, the command line terminal.  Today, new GUI installers both on device and on desktop. Tomorrow: the world!  As always, these and all other homebrew apps are beta and so you're installing at your own risk.