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While the mobile device market grows drastically each month, some hardware companies that once found comfort in larger personal computing devices are now feeling a bit of a pinch as their customers, like HP and others, start looking elsewhere to fill certain needs. Intel Corp is certainly feeling that pinch as they try to put their chipset in more mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and so you can see why they might need to make some drastic moves to get into a game where their competitors are getting some confidence

Enter Todd Bradley, former CEO of Palm and current executive of HP's personal computing division, as the answer that Intel needs to begin to secure a spot in the mobile device market. At least, he would have been the answer they were looking for had Bradley actually accepted their offer. As it is, Todd will remain at HP to do what he does best without so much as a hint at being interested in a position at Intel (even if that means the future shot at CEO of the company).

What does all of this mean for webOS users, though? Well, you can imagine that if Intel is wooing the man who strongly backed the acquisition of Palm by HP, they want to get some more rapport with smartphone and tablet builders to get their chips in those devices. Without someone who has had a great amount of experience in that field, we may very well see a change in the type and quality of devices they supply to. Which, once you get down the line far enough, could eventually lead to some very nice processing power for future webOS devices.

Of course, that's all speculation spurred off of one small bit of news of a failed change of hands in the mobile tech world. We can take one thing from this news, though: Todd Bradley believes in the future of webOS enough to stick with the company that builds it. If that doesn't give us some confidence for where webOS is going, there's little else that will (besides, you know, released devices for all major carriers - or so says most webOS fans).