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Interest in Pre Still Holding Strong

by Jonathan Downer Wed, 25 Mar 2009 10:07 pm EDT


     According to a recent number crunch by Compete, interest in the Palm Pre is holding steady, despite a lack of meaningful news of late. Beginning with a flurry of activity following the CES announcement, traffic has dipped but maintained consistency as speculative release dates have come and gone. The unique visitor trend is strikingly similar to the trends observed following the initial announcement of the Apple iPhone in 2007, until its commercial release in June of that year. While the Pre's numbers are slightly lower (an impressive feat given the competitiveness of today's smartphone market versus 2007), the similarity to the iPhone is encouraging.

So, are you still as interested in Pre as you were following CES, or have you started to look elsewhere in the absence of any news? I know I'm currently rocking a Blackberry Storm (go ahead, laugh) to hold me over until the Pre launches.