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InterfaceLIFT update inadvertently reveals TouchPad version

by Derek Kessler Sun, 12 Jun 2011 10:32 am EDT

When HP took down their open App Catalog feeds, part of the reasoning given was that they needed to prepare the store for TouchPad apps. Well, it looks like that preparation is underway, and we have an updated Mojo app to blame. PreCentral reader Dan noted yesterday morning that his phone was trying to update to a new version of the wallpaper suite InterfaceLIFT, but it kept failing (there have been plenty of other failed updates on 2.1, but mostly on pre-Pre 2 devices). Curious about what he was missing in the new version, Dan went and checked out the online listing for the app and found that it had been updated to a TouchPad app, complete with a minimum OS requirement of webOS 3.0.0 and three big 1024x768 screenshots.

The update shows a TouchPad-friendly interface, complete with sliding Enyo panes. The new tablet version of InterfaceLIFT looks to take full advantage of the larger screen, with more details in list views, enhanced search options, and more. With HP now accepting applications for TouchPad apps, we imagine there are plenty more hidden in the recesses of the online listings… if only we had a centralized place where we could see a list of what’s new. Either way, the cat’s out of the bag on this one – only a few more weeks until we get to see all the rest of those apps! All three screenshots after the break.

Update: richardfrank in the comments found another TouchPad app: an image search app called Pix, by Inglorious Apps. More screenshots after the break.

Update 2: And another: WebMyth2, for managing your open source Linux-based WebMyth DVR. Screenshots after the break.




Source: HP; Thanks to Dan for the tip!