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Internalz 1.3 brings style with a dark theme and more

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 28 Aug 2010 11:24 am EDT

A little over a month ago, Internalz v1.2 was publicly released, introducing a wealth of new features like master mode, the ipk installer, and the patcher. Today, Internalz is taking another step forward with the release of version 1.3. This time however, the focus isn't on adding features, but rather refining the usability of existing ones and improving the quality of the user experience.

As the video changelog above shows, the main new feature in v1.3 is the introduction of a dark theme.  Absolutely every aspect of the application is changed. Everything from dimmed icons, dark backgrounds and even dark re-skinned message box pop-ups.

Another big change lies with the text editor, though you wouldn't expect it, as it looks nearly identical to how it was in v1.2.  However, under the hood, it's a completely and has been heavily optimized using completely redone coding. This new text editor is far more expansive, and offers many future possibilities. This is evident in v1.3, as changeable font size has been added and text entry on larger files is much more responsive.

That's not all! A bunch of smaller, yet equally welcomed changes and optimizations have been introduced.  Internalz now registers itself as handler for the view-source:// URI scheme, a first for webOS. And although this isn't mentioned in the video, Internalz v1.3 has extended it's international localizations to now cover French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, and Simplified Chinese.

If you haven't yet tried Internalz, or are new to homebrew, now's the perfect time to try it out. Don't worry if you feel bogged down trying it for the first time; just try it one step at a time. Coming soon, there will be an Internalz Tipz YouTube video series, showing how to get the most out of Internalz, shown in short informational videos.

Internalz v1.3 is available right now on the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery and on the PreCentral feed.  As the slogan says, "Control your device, don't let your device control you."