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webOS File Manager Internalz graduates to App Catalog, goes Pro in Homebrew

by Jason Robitaille Thu, 10 Mar 2011 4:05 am EST

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The day is finally here: Internalz has graduated to the App Catalog.  Inspired by FileZ for PalmOS, and named after /media/internal/, this full-featured file manger is the perfect companion for any webOS device.

It all started back on August 18, 2009, when the first beta of Internalz was released. Up until then, people had to put their devices into USB Mode to move around and delete files. Internalz changed that, and over the next year and a half, continually innovated with features like full-device browsing, a built-in image viewer, a built-in text editor, ipk installing, patch applying, resource handling, and much more.

Now, with the webOS 2.0 support for js services, Internalz is able to evolve once more, onto the App Catalog.  At a limited-time discount price of $3.99, it's now available to purchase for webOS 2.x devices, with multi-language support.

Even better, as the above video shows, Internalz 1.0 for the App Catalog has been redesigned with the average user in mind (as well as App Catalog restrictions). File management is now centered around the USB drive, with the ipk installer and patcher removed. There's also several usability enhancements to make things easier, including integrated video tutorials.

And homebrew users, fear not. A homebrew variant, named "Internalz Pro" will remain, with all the goodies you've come to love. What's more, along with Internalz 1.0's release, I'm proud to announce the immediate coinciding release of Internalz Pro 1.4, which can be downloaded on the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery, or via the feeds in WOSQI and Preware.

Check out the Internalz Pro 1.4 video changelog tour after the break.