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Introducing webOS Nation; still your home for all things webOS!

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Dec 2011 9:32 pm EST

Back in January 2009 we launched PreCentral as a sister site and successor to the wildly successful TreoCentral. Over the past three years we’ve posted thousands of articles (this posting is actually number 5,000), welcomed a couple hundred thousand new members to the site, and covered the heck out of everything and anything webOS. We were going to hold off on this and launch the whole redesign at once, but after yesterday’s news, we couldn’t help but think, “what the heck, why not do it now?”

What you’re getting is just a glimpse of the future. In the near future will graduate to the next stage of our existence, positioning the site and the community for the open source future. Everything you know and love about PreCentral will still be here, with all of the same members, bloggers, articles, forums, homebrew apps, and everything else. But there will be a new name, webOS Nation.

Heading into 2012 we’ll launch a full site redesign, finally bringing the site up-to-date, as well as moving to a new back-end system that promises much-improved stability. We won’t promise that the 502’s will be gone forever, but hopefully Mr. 502 will be a rare sight in this neck of the woods. This weekend we’ll be pulling the trigger on our new logo (above) and our new url:

We chose the name webOS Nation for one simple reason: this site is built on and survives by the webOS community. You are the webOS Nation, and this is your site. We’re more than just a composite of news articles, tip posts, and forum threads. This site lives and dies by the community. Heck, the webOS platform lives and dies by this community. If it weren’t for the engagement and dedication of people like you, webOS simply wouldn’t exist today. (On a side note, back in February of this year, leading into HP’s Think Beyond event, we were making preparations to switch to PalmCentral. Glad we didn’t pull that trigger, eh?)

Also, to go with the new open source mission of webOS we’ve opened a new set of forums dedicated to the new webOS open source project. Go ahead and check them out (and if you’re not registered yet, why not?).

We’re really quite excited for the future of this site, the webOS platform, and the webOS Nation as a whole, and we hope you are too. Things are going to be changing over the coming weeks and months (not tired of those words yet?) for the community and the platform, and we want to be best positioned to serve our readers, forum members, developers, the soon-to-arrive open source enthusiasts, and the webOS Nation as a whole. If you have any ideas or suggestions on new features for the website that you think could enhance the experience, we want to hear about it in the comments of this post.

Welcome to the webOS Nation!