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iPad might be #1, but the HP TouchPad is already #2 in mindshare

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 17 Aug 2011 2:58 pm EDT

Let's all just calm down for one quick minute. Yes, there is some speculation and rumor going around that the TouchPad is selling so horribly that BestBuy wants to return more than 200,000 devices back to HP (this has yet to be confirmed as true by anyway, including BestBuy). But that does not change the numbers from a recent survey by Robert W. Baird & Co. which show the HP TouchPad sitting in the #2 position for tablets (after their Apple competitor). According to CNET, more than 1,100 people were asked which tablet they were most interested in buying, and the results make being a webOS fan a bit easier to live with after the situation that erupted yesterday.

What comes as no surprise is that the Apple iPad 2 is the #1 tablet by an extreme longshot. 94.5% of the people surveyed said they were at least somewhat interested in purchasing an iPad. In the #2 spot, though, was the just over one-month-old HP TouchPad with 10.3% of people surveyed being interested in the device. Yes, that's right: The same tablet that tech bloggers and news columnist are calling dead is actually the second most highly-desired device to date. Take it to last place and we see the Blackberry Playbook, which was only found to have 3.8% of the people surveyed interested; a meer drop in the bucket.

What about Android tablets? Well, they're all fighting for that third spot on the list. If you take them all combined, then there is certainly a larger percentage of desired purchasers for them than if broken down into individual devices (which was the purpose of the survey). The fact is, Android as a whole might be doing well in the market, but individual tablets aren't having the best luck right now. If you aren't an iPad, you aren't making much of a dent.

There is something to be said for being in the #2 spot, though, and when the HP earnings report is published to the interwebs for us to look at the numbers later today, it might not be too surprising to see that HP isn't doing as bad off as some might lead us to believe. We definitely have a whole lot of work ahead of us to gain a larger market share, but there was another company that sat at 10% market presence for a very long time, and now they're the most valued company in the world.

Bottom-line; The TouchPad has only been around for a month. If you think the game is over now, guess again. We've only just begun.

Source: CNET; Via: Twitter (@abgenx)