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iPhone 3.0 to Match Pre on Features?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 16 Mar 2009 11:00 am EDT



iPhone vs Palm Pre  

Folks who had their fingers on the pulse of the internet last Wednesday couldn't help but notice that just before the Sprint/Palm Webinar, Palm was forced to share the spotlight with Apple by dint of the fact that they announced they'd be detailing some iPhone 3.0 software upgrade (TiPb will be meta-live-blogging the Apple Event).  As pretty much always happens when Apple has something coming, Digg founder Kevin Rose popped up claiming he has inside info on what's coming.  On the list of rumored features so far:

  • Cut and Paste support
  • "Palm Pre features"
  • Improved "springboard" homescreen
  • NO video recording
  • MMS is a big fat question mark

Obviously the X factor here are these "Palm Pre features," which most are taking to mean some sort of wannabe Synergy, but could also be unified messaging, universal search, or -- heck -- it could be multitasking (Update: according to the video, likely not).  One thing we're pretty sure it won't be catching up on: a physical keyboard.  

What do you think?  Will Apple out-Pre the Pre before the Pre is even released?  Will Apple be able to make good on their new features in short order, or will they indefinitely delay some of the as they did with their background notifications?

Update: The relevant Diggnation video after the break, via engadget.