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iPhone 4 & Pre Plus Gallery, iPhone 4 gets Reviewed

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 28 Jun 2010 1:22 pm EDT

Read TiPb's iPhone 4 Review

iPhone 4 vs Palm Pre Plus  

Our pals at TiPb have dropped their massive iPhone 4 Review and it's quite the doozy - covering the glass-sandwiched device from A to Z. We previously linked to their webOS Switcher's guide too, if you're the switching sort.

We're taking a close look at the iPhone 4 here at PreCentral HQ and will come back to you with some full head-to-head thoughts next week - but chances are you can guess our initial impressions already: the hardware and speed impresses, the implementation of multitasking does not, and the notification system on iOS 4 still looks straight-up antiquarian compared to webOS. Also, despite the fact that the iPhone still has the best-of-breed software keyboard, we still strongly prefer the physical keyboard on the Pre.

After the break, a photo gallery of the iPhone 4 up against the Palm Pre Plus!