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Let's be honest, if you're still using an original Palm Pre on Sprint, it's for two reasons: (1) you don't want to switch to Android, and (2) you don't want to leave Sprint. We can't say we blame you, though the Android options on Sprint are looking better with each day. But today, that all changed with Apple's introduction of the iPhone 4S, which will be coming to AT&T and Verizon (current US carriers of the iPhone 4) as well as Sprint. Our pals over at TiPb are going all iPhone 4S crazy with a full roundup of the day's news, a top-of-the-line specs comparison, and much more to come.

But there's a question we have to ask: most Pre on Sprint are already past their two year contract mark, and it won't be long for Sprint Pixi owners either; with the iPhone coming to your network of choice, are you at all tempted to switch platforms? We can't say we'd blame you at this point.