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iPhone 5 reviewed by iMore

by Derek Kessler Thu, 27 Sep 2012 5:43 pm EDT

iPhone 5 reviewed by iMore

Thinner. Bigger. Faster. It seems to describe every iteration of smartphones these days, and our friends at iMore got their turn at the ubiquitous dance this year with the release of the iPhone 5. The new Apple smartphone is, as expected, thinner and faster, though it packs a larger 4-inch screen, breaking for the first time in five years the 3.5-inch standard set by the original iPhone. Though nowadays it seems that four inches is considered small in the smartphone space. I say this while using a 3.58-inch HP Pre3. It also is the first iPhone to include LTE, and while many Android manufacturers have packed in the 4G radio tech for over a year, in typical fashion Apple took their time and waited until they could do so without having a significant impact on battery life.

So what does our pal Rene think of the latest iPhone? In his own words:

"Taller, thinner, faster, lighter, brighter; the iPhone 5 represents nothing more nor less than the latest, relentless iteration on the Platonic ideal Apple has been striving towards for almost a decade. Redesigned in every way but shape, compromised but true to its purpose, the iPhone 5 is once again the best iPhone Apple has ever made, and one of the best phones ever made. Period."

Of course, there's still the issue with it running iOS. The latest version of iOS - 6 - is as always fast and stable and simple. But that simplicity comes at the cost of capability. Where the competition like Android and Windows Phone used to lag behind, the iterative evolution of iOS has lead to Apple's mobile operating system being the one that's behind in some aspects. And we have to question some of the decisions Apple made with iOS 6, like kicking out Google Maps in favor of their own Apple solution; the flaws and shortcoming of Apple's maps have gotten their fair share of press, we don't need to bore you with all that here.

The iPhone 5 is out and in the wild now and plenty are giving it their attention, though few as indepthly as Rene. It's the best iPhone yet, but is it the best smartphone out there? That's actually debatable now, and that's a good thing.