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iPhone Black Launcher
by milominderbinde on 2/9/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 51 comments

(In Preware use the iPhone-Black-Launcher. Tap List of Everything and type "iPhone-Black".)

The iPhone Black Launcher theme matches your display with your phone. The Palm icons are now blended with the professional-looking iPhone icons. The Launcher is no so crisp, you may find yourself reducing the brightness.

This theme uses your wallpaper but for an amazing effect, try this black wallpaper. At the other end of the spectrum, a bold, bright wallpaper will no longer wash out your Launcher! Try some of these

The iPhone Black Launcher theme  purposely does not include any patches so you are free to chose your own. Here are some of the patches that really make this theme shine.

The Launcher Auto Popup patch automatically pops up the Launcher when you turn on your phone. It's just like having a homepage. If a foreground app is running, that app will come up instead. Thanks to Jason Robitaille! If you do find the need to stare at your wallpaper, just click the Launcher button.

The Top Bar 4x4 v3 icons patch gives you 21 icons on screen. The icons are the same size as Palm's 3x3 icons. Thanks to onlinespending!

The screenshots also feature the Top Bar Battery Percentage and Icon patch and the Top Bar MM/DD Date patch. Give them a try if you don't already use them.

The PreCentral and Google Latitude apps shown in the launcher are available through Preware and WebOS Quick Install. Click here to download Precorder.

Special thanks to samnoonan for many of the icons. Check out his full iPhone theme.

1.0.3 -1.0.7 more icons
1.0.2 Thanks to samnoonan for several added  icons.

There is a similar Launcher Black theme in Preware that is the same but keeps the Pre's icons. Other Launcher themes that keep the Pre icons in the Launcher Dark series include Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gray.