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iPhone iCons Theme 91

by Nick8539 Fri, 05 Nov 2010 2:26 am EDT
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UPDATE 1.1.7
Included iPhone dock background.
(I want to test it out, if you guys don't like it, i might revert to how it was before)

Changed wallpaper (you can always choose your own wallpaper)

UPDATE 1.1.6
Small update
Added iPad wallpaper
3rd party icon for Agenda
Docview icon
Photos splash icon

UPDATE 1.1.5
Included 3rd party icons for Launchpoint,
Trapster, WikiHow, Weather Channel, NBA Scores, and Music Store icons

UPDATE 1.1.4
Updated notifications icons- Messaging, Email, Calendar, USB, Phone

UPDATE 1.1.3
Modified Calculator App looks identical
to the iphone calculator!
Changed Calculator icon to the actual iPhone icon.

UPDATE 1.1.2
Updated Messaging App with the iPhone like balloons and light blue background.

UPDATE 1.1.1
Added Youtube 400x400 Background wallpaper for landscape view patch.

UPDATE 1.1.0
Major Update.
Black theme all throughout and black iPhone like launcher with iPhone icons.
Added black splash page for the following apps while opening: Phone, Photo, Email, Browser, Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Calculator, Memos, and Clock apps.
Added black theme for Phone, Browser, Photos, and Calculator apps.

Any more suggestions or comments feel free to comment.

UPDATE 1.0.2
Added Black launcher scrim (menu fade scrim patch no longer needed)

UPDATE 1.0.1
Updated calendar days fonts and Wallpaper

iPhone clone theme.
Looks best when you add these patches:
* 4x4 Icons v4 by cwgtex
* Hide Quick Launch Bar in Launcher Only by Jason Robitaille

You can also download the .ipk from here:

If you like my work and would like to contribute and help support this theme please feel free to donate in the Official forum for this theme

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