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Irony Alert: 3Com and Palm will both be under the HP umbrella

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 28 Apr 2010 6:50 pm EDT

HP Exec Tom Bradley's history with Palm isn't the only small-world-of-silicon-valley story today.

Those familiar with the intricacies of Palm's corporate history might remember one of the previous dark times (there have been several): back in 1997, Palm was part of US Robotics which was then purchased by 3Com. Things went so poorly with 3Com that the core team behind PalmOS, including Jeff Hawkins, Ed Colligan, and Donna Dubinsky left to found PalmOS licensee Handspring - the original creators of the Palm Treo. Handspring came back to Palm in 2003 to form PalmOne, they spun off PalmSource to handle the software. Keeping hardware separate from software brought about the foibles that killed off PalmOS and necessitated the creation of webOS in the first place.

HP, who hopes to finish their acquisition of Palm by July 31st, just finished their acquisition of 3Com. HP is taking Cisco on with 3Com and the two divisions probably won't have much effect on each other - but still, the company picnics should be schadenfreude-riffic.