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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 3:45 pm EST
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Katy meets her girlfriend for drinks after work. Gossip time. She takes a well needed sip and asks her friend Nicole, “So, how did your day go?” Nicole smiles and replies coyly, “Well, I let a cute guy know I was interested… Kept a woman from blowing a tire in traffic… Let my boss know his fly was down when he got up to give a client presentation… And I did this all without saying a word!” iSignSlang. The second best thing you can do with your hands. The more people know about iSignSlang, the better it works! SPREAD THE SLANG! Download the app, tell your friends about it, and join the iSignSlang revolution! CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: PUT TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKET! After downloading the app and reviewing the iSignSlang videos – come up with your own iSign – and share it in a video to win TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! Just visit iSignSlang for details! And remember to share the news of the contest with your friends and family – the winner will be named as soon as we reach 20,000 downloads! AND – we’ll actually come to your home and present the check LIVE ON INTERNET TV ( The video of the announcement will also be posted on our YouTube Channel (iSignSlang). App Features Each iSign includes: Photos to illustrate how to do the sign A video showing you how to use the sign A description of when to use the sign The ability to email the sign to your friends Other Special Features Fun interactive games to test your sign knowledge and keep you busy in times of boredom Have a sign idea of your own? Email it to us and yours may be featured on the next update! “Fave” your favorite iSigns for quick reference See who is iSignslanging around you with our GPS technology Automatically update your Twitter account when you’re iSignslanging.

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