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Isis Web for HP Touchpad 7

by Vistaus Sun, 21 Apr 2013 6:10 pm EDT
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This isn't HP's Isis Project nor does it come with a newer WebKit version. But nevertheless, Isis Web is a simple and straight-forward web browser with a familiar interface. Apart from that, it has some nice features:
-Sharing dialog: you can choose where you want to share a URL to from a nice and simple dialog accesible via either the context menu on a URL or a button in the toolbar, next to the address bar. Currently supported are: E-mail, Messaging, Sparrow for Twitter and Facebook Tablet.
-Find on page: from the top menu you can choose Find on page to quickly find a word or sentence on the website you're on.
-Download Link: you can download a link now right from the context menu.
-No scrolling on minimize: the web browser will not scroll when you minimize it to card view.
-Enhanced Nav Buttons: hold down the back or forward key to quickly jump back in history.
Note: this version is only for the HP Touchpad. While it does scale on the Pre 2 and 3 it isn't functioning other than launching the interface. Isis Web only works perfectly fine on the HP Touchpad.
Note: sharing to Sparrow is currently broken :-( I'll look into it for the next version.
3.5.0 codename "The Quick Poster"
-Added support for sharing a URL to Quick Post via the Share menu
3.2.0 codename "The Macaw"
-Added support for sharing a URL to Project Macaw via the Share menu
3.1.0 codename "The Fixml"
-Added support for opening XML files
-FIXED sharing to Sparrow and Facebook
3.0.0 codename "The Nav"
-Added Enhanced NavButtons, thanks Choorp/Garret for the code!
// This means that you can hold down the back and forward buttons and then you will be able to choose a site from the history

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