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by j@ckpotideas Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:04 pm EST
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J@ckpot ideas Inc.
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***webOS 2.x compatible! J@cker is a simple game. Very similar to the Stacker arcade game, (Not exactly like it... with J@cker you get one chance to stack to the top!!!), just as addicting. Learn the game in less than 3 seconds, beating it takes much longer. This is the paid, more challenging version of J@cker Lite. Try J@cker Lite for free in the Palm app Catalog first, then try this paid version when you're ready for more! Press "j" to start the game, press the space button (space bar), to stop the blocks from moving side to side. Stack the left hand column of blocks evenly as high as you can! This paid version is significantly harder than the free Lite version.

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