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Here's another name to add to the growing list in of Palm employees heading out, pre-acquisition: Jeff Finkelstein, Sr Product Manager of Multimedia.  Finkelstien, whose awarded patents while at Palm include "Data Synchronization to and from removable memory on a handheld device" and "Method and apparatus for power management" left Palm at the end of may after a 7 year stint to join UStream as Director of Product Management.  If you haven't been keeping track, other recent big name departures include SVP of Software and Services Mike Abbot, VP of Human Interface and User Experience Matias Duarte, Rich Dellinger (who created webOS' glorious notification system) and VP of PR, Lynn Fox.

All of these high-level departures could certainly be cause for alarm, but if Palm's CEO and soon to be head of HP's smartphone/mobility unit Jon Rubinstien could build such a high caliber team before at Palm (and before that at Apple), I suspect that he's capable of doing it again. 

Source: LinkedIn; Thanks to Brian for the tip!