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Jon Rubenstein promises great products for 2011

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 16 Nov 2010 2:16 pm EST


Jon Rubenstein took the stage at the webOS 2.0 conference without his boss, Todd Bradley, for a nice conversation about his personal history in the computer industry and some high-level overviews of where webOS is and will be in 2011. Rubinstein noted that Palm is "where we've always been" in Sunnyvale and that the integration with HP is going well despite the inevitable slow-downs that come with a major acquisition.

Rubinstein noted that they expect the number of apps for webOS to grow as HP / Palm invests more resources into the App Catalog and as it becomes obvious that the pool of webOS devices to target grows dramatically over the 12 to 18 months.

Rubinstein also noted that webOS 2.0 would be rolled out to the installed webOS customer base "over the next few months," a timeframe that's a bit longer than we'd been hoping for.

webOS fanatics looking for clear-cut hints of upcoming devices will find precious little to go on. Rubinstein promised a big 2011 when they will "aggressively" roll out new devices from a "great roadmap" of smartphones, tablets, printers, and other devices they're not quite ready to talk about yet (though we'll note that Ruby has mentioned webOS-based netbooks in the past). Asked if the upcoming hardware would put "muscle" behind webOS, Rubinstein noted that he likes to do products that are on the leading-edge of technology.

His message to the "very loyal install base" of webOS users about upcoming devices: "Be patient, they're coming."

Source: Web 2.0 Summit