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Jump to a specific day in the calendar

by Adam Marks Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:42 pm EDT

Calendar - Jump to... When you first load up the calendar app you are initially taken to the current date, but what happens if you want to jump to a specific day, or return to the current day? You can manually scroll through each day (by swiping left/right in daily or weekly view, or up/down in monthly view), but there is a much easier way. While you are in your calendar, you can either swipe down from the top left corner of the screen to get the Calendar Application drop-down menu and select "Jump to..." or you can click on the date header at the top of the Calendar (e.g. "Today, Tue Aug 24" in the background in the screenshot) to load up the "Jump to..." pop-up. From here, just select a specific day, month, and year you want and choose "Go To Date", or select "Go To Today" to jump to the current day.

Another way to quickly jump back to the current day is to tap the Daily View icon ( ) at the bottom of the calendar screen while already is Daily View. If you are in weekly or monthly view, you would need to tap that icon twice to return to the current day

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