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June 6th... that's two days before WWDC, right?

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 May 2009 12:25 pm EDT

iPhone vs. Pre

While Palm didn’t pull out any big surprises in this morning’s subdued release date announcement, they did confirm what could be described as an incredibly ballsy move: releasing the Palm Pre two days before the start of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (i.e. where the iPhone release date was announced in 2007 and the iPhone 3G was announced in 2008). While the rumors have been swirling about what Apple may do at the conference, it is widely anticipated that they will unveil their next generation iPhone to what will surely be a huge (and annoying) media frenzy.

So the question has to be asked: what are Palm and Sprint thinking by going up against a juggernaut like Apple? As our good friends over at sister site The iPhone Blog said, Palm is either crazy, or crazy like a fox. We’ve got to agree, it is a questionable move, as it very squarely pits the Pre against the iPhone much more than an earlier release date would have. Maybe that’s what Palm wants, because as we’ve seen, a lot of the comparisons (multi-tasking, physical keyboard, open development, etc) seem to favor the Pre. But then, with the secrecy that Apple operates under, it’s hard to know what, if anything, they may have up their sleeves.

T-minus 18 days.