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by MetaView Tue, 30 Apr 2013 6:42 pm EDT
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"Just Exhibition" the great exhibition app from the AppCatalog (still sales for 0.99 there) comes here for free. And it even goes a step further: Replace the rotating news roll by an astounishing slideshow.
How to enable the slideshow:

  • Run "Just Exhibition" from the launcher
  • On the left side, enable Slideshow and, if you like, Picture caption (will display the name of the current image on top of it)
  • Prepare a list of all images in DCIM/JustExhibtion folder on your HP TouchPad (that's for sure the hardest part but I will guide you through it)
  • Name this list "Slideshow.txt"
  • You are done.

How to create a list of the images on your HP TouchPad? Use this guide to prepare the list on a Windows host computer.

  • Open a command line (go to start menu and enter "cmd.exe")
  • Connect your HP TouchPad to the Windows host computer using your USB cable
  • Enter USB mode on your HP TouchPad
  • In the command line window on your Windows host computer change in to the HP Touchpad's USB drive (for instance enter "F:", if it got the drive letter F)
  • Create the "JustExhibition" folder: "mkdir DCIM\JustExhibition"
  • Enter this command into the command line on your Windows host computer: "dir /B /S DCIM > DCIM\JustExhibition\Slideshow.txt"
  • That's it.

You can reach me on Twitter if you have any further question: @metaview


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