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Keep up with new apps via RSS

by Adam Marks Tue, 12 Oct 2010 11:00 am EDT

Would you like to keep track of the new apps in the App Catalog without having to open up the App Catalog every day? You can look through PreCentral's own App Gallery, Preware, or the variety of other listings available on the web, but you still have to remember to look for updates each day. Luckily, Palm has also made these feeds available for anyone to add to their RSS reader of choice. There are 2 types of feeds you can add ("All Applications" vs "Recently added only") for each of the 3 catalogs they support (Official App Catalog, Web Distribution or Beta Applications). For each catalog, you should only subscribe to one of the feed types. We recommend the "recently added" feed. For more details and a listing of the specific feeds, go to this article in Palm's Developer Center and scroll down to the section titled "The Feeds".

Please note: once an application appears in a feed, it may still take a couple hours before the application is available to download

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