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  • Are you curious about the differences between all of the overclocking kernels out there made for overclocking?  If so, I've got some good news: Rod Whitby from the webOS-Internals group is here with the final word
  • A certain development company (Appible LLC) borrowed the source code of a homebrew turned App Catalog favorite (DrPodder) without so much as a mention in the App Catalog description.  DrPodder is licensed under the GPL and Appible LLC covered their legal responsibility by giving credit in the source code, but the question remains:  did they violate the moral conventions of what open source should mean?  Go ahead: chime in.
  • Member Sviatapolk is looking to make the switch from a BlackBerry 8310 to the AT&T Palm Pre Plus.  CrackBerry addicts turned Palm faithful should speak up to let 'em know what trade-offs to expect.
  • Hey Pixi owners: member berdinkerdickle is curious if you're glad that you went with the slimmer and slightly less powerful device over the Pre! 

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