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Kerris: Quickoffice document editing due "this week"

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 8:43 am EDT

As the tweets above from HP VP of webOS Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris indicate, we can expect an update for Quickoffice to land within the week that will bring document editing to the HP TouchPad. Sure, HP may not be making the TouchPad anymore, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t partnered with developers like Quickoffice to fulfill promised software functionality.

As expected and confirmed by Kerris, the Quickoffice update will include Word and Excel editing, with PowerPoint “yet to come.” We’re glad to hear that this update hitting soon, and though we would have preferred it at launch, less than two months in isn’t bad. We’re webOS fans, we’re used to waiting for, well, forever. But we're also not used to sitting down and waiting for something to happen. The Twittersphere is afire (or at least moderately warmed) by the implorations of webOS users asking for the Quickoffice editing update - at last count more than 450 tweets looking for the update had been posted in just the past week alone.

There is another option, however, but we can’t say that they’re as far along as Quickoffice is: Picsel Smart Office. The firm was working on its own document editing suite for the TouchPad when HP pulled the rug out from under them. Picsel’s app received a demo on YouTube, showing off rich text editing to a degree unseen on webOS. But since the TouchPad and other webOS devices have been cancelled, the folks at Picsel were understandably hesitant about continuing development, so they put a poll up on Facebook. As is unsurprising for the webOS community, the poll quickly made the rounds and has received already more than 350 votes, with only 5 saying they should stop.

Document editing is coming, folks. And we can’t wait – Memos is just killing our patience.